Welcome to Spikemag. We are a leading company offering some of the best car buying services you’ll find across Australia.

We have an expert team with years of experience assisting clients in meeting their car needs and fulfilling their car desires.

You can reach out to us to buy and sell cars. We have a wide network of car lovers through which we deliver amazing deals and prices for our clients. Contact us today for your exciting car deals.

Wide Network

One of our strengths is that we have a wide network through which we are able to deliver effective services for our clients. Our network contains thousands of car lovers who are constantly on the lookout to buy and sell cars.

As such, irrespective of the service you are looking for, we have people that are interested in rendering such services or getting them. This makes us a leading company in the industry, as we are able to serve the needs of clients effectively without compromising any industry standard.

Fast And Timely

When you buy your car through us or sell, you can rest assured that you’ll get results on time. We have a high regard for fast service delivery. This is due to the strength of networks and how effectively we are able to deliver.

As a result of an active network of car lovers, we are able to adequately attend to all needs within a short period. There are people constantly interested in what you are looking to sell or buy, so it takes little time to get relevant quotes for you to consider.

We Take The Stress Away

Getting a new car can be draining, especially if you don’t know much about the process. One of the things you can do when getting a new car is to research the car and every other thing you need to know.

However, there is a limit to what research can do for you. Researching the car will only offer you insights into how the car works and various other features. However, you will require the service of expert brokers for you to get this car at amazing prices that will meet your demands.

As such, when you broker your car through us, we take the trouble from you and make It ours. This way, we ensure that you get the result you desire without having to stress. It is our job to go far and beyond to ensure that you get what you need. All we need from you is your specifications and estimates and we will do the remaining part of the job.

The Best Quotes

It’s not with all brokers that you will get impressive quotes for your cars. But with us, we guarantee that you’ll get impressive quotes that will meet your estimates. We can do this because of our strong network of car lovers, which we have built over the years.

Through this network, we can get many people who are deeply passionate about cars to bid at various prices. When that happens, we then offer you the best prices. The competitive process works to your advantage, as you get to receive the best deals.